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Weather: average of 6°C, occasional rain

On my first real day in Paris, I discovered a fresh produce market which takes place every Sunday. Apparently they’re all over Paris, but this particular one was located on Boulevard de Grenelle in the 15eme arrondisement (district).

General view of market

From this market, I had some of the best fruit I’ve ever tasted – grapes, mandarins and raspberries to name a few. They also sold a beautiful range of flowers, I held back and only allowed myself one bunch of deep red roses that somehow managed to look better with every day.

Fresh roses

Compared to what you normally get at the Brisbane markets, the French are a lot keener on speciality meats, cheeses and breads.

Dead rabbit on display

They also eat various types of meat that we don’t normally find including rabbit and quail. The most interesting section which was fascinating and repulsive (only to us non-French of course) was the random body parts stalls.

Pig ears, lamb feet, cow stomach

Beef tongue, kidneys, tails

Of course it would not be France without snails, and several stalls had them for sale.

Stuffed snail shells

After a fairly long day of marketing, discovering the metro and exploring some of the nearby districts, I was heading back to my apartment on the metro just after sunset. Lovely orchestral music suddenly began to play and after much neck craning (peak hour on the metro), I discovered the source was a man with a violin and portable sound system. At that point, a dazzling view of the Eiffel Tower lit up in all its glory came into sight. Ah, Paris. Je t’aime indeed.